Children of the Forest (COF) is a locally based, Thai-registered NGO that has worked for the last 16 years with at-risk stateless migrant children born in the Thai-Myanmar border district of Sangkhlaburi.

 COF has gained a reputation both within Thailand & internationally for our innovation and best practice. 

Over the last 16 years, we have provided education, protection, and healthcare to more than 6000 at-risk, stateless children.

 Children from migrant communities have been born in Thailand into ongoing statelessness and poverty with little access to education or healthcare. As a result they are at serious risk of exploitation, abuse and trafficking. Children of the Forest works to meet these children’s needs for education, protection and health care, supporting them towards brighter, safer futures and opportunities beyond the limits of the border zone.

 The poverty of migrant children’s families is a barrier to access to education

      We provide practical and financial support for children to attend school with transportation, school fees, textbooks, uniforms, and school lunches.

      Allowing children to attend, stay in and successfully complete elementary school

 Lack of Thai language skills is a barrier to education, employment and safety

      Our Free School focuses on Thai language skills that assist children’s transition into Thai education and progression through grades 1 to 6.

 Pressure on children to work to support families is a barrier to education

      Our social workers work with families to enable children to attend school or stay in school.

Breakup and dislocation of migrant families is a barrier to children’s education and safety

      COF’s social and outreach workers focus on keeping families together. Where that is not possible, COF provides safe nurturing residential care

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